oh, yes. this is the life.

I must say that the past 3 days have been bliss.  She hangs with me in the house all day just chillin’.  Then we go for walks and play fetch.  Then we chill some more.

Today we went into Petsmart for the first time.  She didn’t hesitate too much at the door.  Then she proceeded to sniff every bag of dog food in the store.  A beautiful big dog sniffed her and she got nervous and all tangled up in his leash.  We chose some new little bones, food, cat food, then made her a new tag for her new house before we left.  I was so proud of how calm she was.

Now we’ve been bombarded with hurricane refugees in our home and she’s still calm and cool.  I feel as though all of my hard work is paying off!

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Problem Solver

Luna is working.  She’s working things out when I talk.  She’s working on becoming a dog.  She’s working on being brave.  The difference between now and when I first got her is incredible.  She listens.  You can see in her face how she wants you to lead her.  She wants you to give her a problem to solve.  We are finally connecting.  This is all not to say that she doesn’t have her moments.  Just last night, she snapped at me and ate a cat turd.  But I can see the calm, disciplined dog she will become in her normal day-to-day actions.

Some new nicknames:




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Update: 11 weeks

We’re traveling!  Yay!  She’s napping at my feet for a couple of minutes after chasing other dogs around.  It’s been an adventure.  I know nothing about raising babies, but I’d imagine this is coming close. They put everything in their mouths, they go to the bathroom whenever they feel like it, and they’re ADD.  Okay so you can leave them alone in a crate and you ignore them when they cry, that’s different.  But it’s more time-consuming than I could ever have imagined.

She’s calmed down over the last weeks.  She’s focusing and doing things correctly for treats.  Her hand-biting tendencies are minimal, and she understands that when I snap and point it means she’s in trouble.  Sometimes all I have to do is point and she knows.  I can see what a smart dog she will be.

People still come up and say, “Oh what a cute chihuahua!”  Come on people.  Today we are hanging out with two chihuahuas and she looks NOTHING like them.

We’re moving next week.  I sure hope we don’t regress too much on our potty training…

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Luna Nicknames So Far


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Bad Baby

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Me and my Luna are pooped!!!!

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oh my

She’s 9 weeks today. And still as ADD as ever. She’s made new friends, traveled new routes, but remains scared of most things. She fights on the leash still. More than anything, I’m learning patience. I always thought I was but here I am pulling my hair out.

It seems that everything has come at once. Moving out might be inevitable. Painting projects due at the end of the week loom above me. And Luna has to pee every hour. I’m scatterbrained to say the least. Got a new camera and it might need to be sent in for repairs. Ugh, the list is endless.

Enclosing a picture of Luna’s new buddy, Emmy Lou. Also, one of Luna, playing with my feet and toys.

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Luna Goes into the Studio


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Luna stood by the door 3 times indicating she needed to go to the bathroom outside today!!!!!  3 times!  Yes!!!!

Now if we can just get her to stop biting…

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Doggie Days

Are dogs born independent?  All the rules of teaching are not applying to my puppy.  I have no means of discipline, because when I take away play-time, she just plays by herself.  No need for me.  She’s still sneaking in pee spots, even though I don’t ever let her out of my sight.  She’s got a case of barn sour.  She hates going away from the house on the leash, but she’ll come back like a well-behaved puppy.  She’s biting like crazy, but beginning to understand the word “no”.  I yelp if she bites hard and she’ll stop.

We’re beginning to understand each other.  Sometimes I think she hates me.  She’s so stubborn and gives me these eyes like “I can’t stand you”.  I guess it’s mainly a trust thing.  It hasn’t even been a week yet, so here’s to patience and taking it slow.

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